Our engineers designed our intake for the Honda FK2 Civic type systems as fully integrated component of the vehicle while helping the turbocharged K20C1 engine to ever faster times, bumping the horse power from 306 PS by over 20 at 4,500 RPM and 3.5kg/m torque at 3,200 RPM. The GruppeM Honda FK2 Civic Type R, like all our intake systems was put through our standard rigorous testing and validation such as air flow testing using a SuperFlow SF600 flow bench, MAF voltage and more to deliver the power gains and performance you can feel. Our intake systems are made out of carbon fiber, housing a re-usable K&N filter, providing great flow with great heat-shielding abilities that are only amplified through the RAM air intake design delivering true power, performance, function, and form, while reaching our goal to create the highest horse power throughout the engine rpm range that will enhance and deliver that "joker smile" driving experience every driver deserves.
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