For over 25 years history of excellence in developing intake systems used worldwide. Our engineers designed our Lexus RC-F carbon RAM SYSTEM as a fully integrated component of the vehicle. Each system is hand laid in 100% carbon fiber. Our exclusive design takes advantage of the colder and denser air from around the front grill and the headlight top and channel efficiently taking in copious amounts of cold air, increasing power and efficiency. These lower air temperatures increase power, performance and provide for a cleaner and more complete air/fuel mixture during the combustion process developing more power and improved torque throughout the power-band starting at 3000 rpm.

It is thru GruppeM's ongoing commitment of not allowing a single compromise that true power and performance in achieved. We only utilize very select materials and advanced manufacturing techniques with the highest quality control and strictest industry standards.  Our intake systems truly deliver resulting in that "Joker" driving smile, adds to the power, grace, and elegance of any vehicle, all the while giving car enthusiasts and car buffs the most powerful, amazing and ear-pleasing performance sound, drivers the world over enjoy. Our intake systems truly combine form, function and driving pleasure.

All GruppeM intake systems are 100% hand laid carbon fiber,  designed and tested in-house at our at HQ is Saitama, Japan. What's stopping you? Get your RC-F RAM SYSTEM today.