VOLVO XC90 (T5/T6/T6R/T8 Hybrid)

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Vehicle : VOLVO XC90 (T5/T6/T6R/T8 Hybrid)
Model : LB420XC/420XCA/420XCPA
Engine type : B420 (2.0L Turbo / 2.0L Turbo+S/C / 2.0L Turbo + S/C+Motor )
Price : 128,000 YEN
Duct material : Carbon
Product number : FRI-0223


The GruppeM VOLVO RAM AIR SYSTEM for the Premium Estate Wagon "V 90" and Premium SUV "XC 60 / XC 90" proficiently directs airflow thru a K&N conical filter delivering copious amounts of clean and cool air to the engine increasing efficiency providing a sharp response in the medium and low-speed ranges. Engine power dramatically increases from around 3500 rpm with a powerful and awe-inspiring sound every driver enjoys. GruppeM intake systems truly combine form, function, and delivers that “joker smile” driving enjoyment and performance.

All GruppeM products are made in-house and produced from the highest quality carbon fiber and materials at our HQ in Japan.

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