History of GRUPPEM

GruppeM history dates back to the mid 90’s when Tuner and Visionary, Mamoru Ogose. GruppeM is the brainchild of Ogose-sama who quickly realized air intake technology and profiency of the era hampered overall engine performance. It is during this time he put a team of expert, racers, talented individuals and experts to tackle this limitation and hence helping to unlock the untamed potential that lies in a properly tuned car.
GruppeM has designed and developed performance intake systems mildly tuned vehicle to fire-breathing Wangan crushing, fire-breathing monsters that devastate all who oppose them. GruppeM has worked closely with large-scale race teams like NISMO in their bid for GT500 and 24 hr LeMans gold. Our intake systems produce up to a dyno-proven 15 - 30 horsepower thru out the entire RPM range  (depending on vehicle mods) not just at the upper RPM ranges that is rarely untilized. GruppeM RAM AIR for European vehicles and M’s RAM AIR SYSTEM for Japanese models are available to the public right here at www.gruppemdirect.com. Contact us today for all your RAM SYSTEM and INTAKE needs. If you like what you see what is coming out and what we are up to, give us a follow us Instagram, FaceBook, and YouTube.


What is GRUPPEM about?

Our engineers design our intake systems as fully integrated component of the vehicle. We aim to create the highest horse power throughout the engine rpm range that will enhance and deliver that "joker smile" driving experience every driver deserves. 

GruppeM products are put through rigerous testing and validation such as air flow testing using a SuperFlow SF600 flow bench, MAF voltage and more to deliver the power gains and performance you can feel. Our intake systems are made out of carbon fiber, housing a re-usable M's Power Filter (K&N), providing great flow with great heat-shielding abilities that are only amplified through the RAM air intake design delivering true power, performance, function, and form. All of products are designed and built in-house.

 What does GRUPPEM offer?

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