At the cutting edge of Motorsport a fraction of second is the difference between winning or just being a participant. You need the best and we are the best. At GruppeM we have over 25 years designing and producing what are considered to be arguably the best RAM SYSTEMS in the world with a constantly evolving research and development program to bring you the ultimate in RAM AIR SYSTEMS. All have been tested in the upper echelons of world motorsport, racing the most severe conditions and are proven in their quality of engineering, unsurpassed workmanship, and performance. 

 GruppeM's RAM Air Intake RAM or commonly known as Cold Air Intake (CAI) is our top-of-the-line high-performance intake system. The intake features a racing K&N cone filter, which permits maximum air flow while retaining proper filtering capabilities. The filter housing is designed to provide optimal channeling of fresh cold air into the extremely efficient modified K&N racing cone filter. Our intake systems are built from carbon fiber, for ultra lightweight with extreme durability. The surface finish and fitment are second to none. The design and the material used provide extremely effective heat resistance from the engine compartment, allowing the cold air entering the K&N filter to remain cool and dense for optimal consistent performance. At GruppeM, we do not allow a single compromise driving our staff to level of excellence not typically seen in the automotive aftermarket industry.

Each RAM AIR SYSTEM is assembled in-house by master technicians who have dedicated their souls to delivering the best products available on the market today. Since 1996, GruppeM has manufactured performance parts for many Original Equipment Manufacturers. Our experience in providing with performance products has allowed us to raise the bar with the strictest design, quality and performance requirements. The demanding validation processes used by these OEM has been integrated into the manufacturing of other GruppeM performance products.

The GruppeM RAM AIR SYSTEM works by reducing the intake air velocity by increasing the cross-sectional area of the intake ducting. When gas velocity goes down the dynamic pressure is reduced, while the static pressure is increased. The increased static pressure in the plenum chamber has a positive effect on engine power, both because of the pressure itself and the increased air density that this higher pressure gives thereby increasing engine performance and output.

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